donderdag 3 mei 2012

girls day

Yesterday i had a girls day with my friends! We went to the forever21 in Antwerpen, in the Netherlands we don't have one so we went for the forever21 all to Antwerpen! How crazy is that? That means a 2hour drive! We had a lot of fun in the car and we were like for 3/4 hours in the forever21 i think? After Antwerpen we went to the movie in Amsterdam, The Vow! I was really excited to see this movie but i thought it wasn't very special.. Maybe my expectations were too high..

after shopping, do you see how exhausted i am? haha

i thought that the collection was nice! but a lot of clothes didn't had the size S anymore 
so that sucked. but i especially loved the jewelry department! it was so nice decorated! 
i could walk there for houuurss. the jewelry was sooo beautiful!  

i bought a lot of clothes, so i couldn't make a picture of ALL of it. so here's a picture
of my jewelry that i bought there! i wanted to buy more but i didn't had so much money..
i really love all my jewelry here! the owl is sooo cute. 

keep checking my blog though becauseeeeee.....
i'm gonna do a give-away! so keep checking! :)

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