zaterdag 19 mei 2012

wish list May 2012

1. the new ray ban wayfarer! you can fold the whole sunglasses, so you can put it in your pocket 
(Ray Ban, 145 euros)
2. i'm looking for shoes with a little strap by the ankle, i saw these but they were sold out. but i like the model though :) (Alyssa, 35 euros)
3. reebok easytone! Yeeee. i want these shoes for like a year already, but i keep forgetting them that their
still on my wish list haha. These shoes focuses on our legs and butt while you are working out! 
(Reebok, 110 euros)
4. The Sony Nex 5N. My love, it's a small camera with a biggg lens. i like it! a few weeks a go
they got a golden award for the best camera. i'm waiting for the discount month so i can buy it! :)
(Sony, 600 euros)
5. Also shoes from Alyssa, i already  has these shoes in black but they are so comfortable i want 
these in the red :)
(Alyssa, 30 euros)
6. sandals from the zara :) i like the spikes 
(zara, 60 euros)
7. bangle from the forever21, i love the colors!
(forever21, 15 euro)
8. Sofa from the Ikea, over a few months if every things goes right my bf and i will get an apartment 
and i really like this sofa! i already tried it in the Ikea and it sat sooo comfortable 
(Ikea, 550 euros)

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