dinsdag 19 juni 2012


Follow me on instagram :D a lot of pictures that i don't show on my blog!

Name: minyicheng

zaterdag 16 juni 2012


wauuuuuw. it's been soooo long that i've posted on my blog.. i've been so busy with school! I have to pass this, so i have been ignoring bloglovin' for so long! But almost, over 10 days i'm DONE with school! This is just a shout out of me, because it's 01:13 am and i'm still busy with school.. ON A FRIDAYNIGHT. WT**** While anyway, i have sooo much to tell, so much to show you guys :D even i have ignored my blog for so long, doesn't mean i haven't been shopping ;-) hihi. You'll hear more of me when i'm ready! and that's the 26th!

so here's a very cool photo from a night out with my girlfriends! :D this shots name is 'harry potter'! HOW cool! haha! sees y'all sooooon