maandag 30 april 2012

Happy queensday!

Happy queensday/koninginnedag/Q-day everyone! Everywhere in the Netherlands they're celebrating queens day! The whole country is orange! Haha. 

This picture is taken by my friend Lisanne Schneider and it's taken on 'de heide', and in it's english it's called heath. It's very beautiful nature to see but we didn't had so much time so we stopped at a random location and made a picture of it. When you look at it on the picture you will think that it's very poor and ugly but i will make it up to you, and i will make some day another picture there with beautiful heath! 

i am wearing:
shirt - river island
shorts (yes it's a short not a skirt) - primark

zondag 29 april 2012


I'm not happy now :( i just bought a small accessory last thursday and now it's already broken :( boehoe. R.I.P little owl of me. (maybe i can make it with a diy tutorial)

Thanks a lot Lisanne!

Today i just finished making a outfit picture! My lovely friend Lisanne went with me to a beautiful location and helped me shooting a nice picture! Thanks! So keep checking my blog and i will upload it soon! (i think tomorrow)

dinsdag 24 april 2012

coming soon!

Hiiii! I'm very busy with school, so i don't have much time for my blog! But i already have 2 outfits 'ready-to-go' to be photographed! But first i have to find someone who has time for me to make pictures of me hihi. Here's a small preview of a detail! What are you guys gonna do this week? XO

zaterdag 21 april 2012

Quicky post!

Here's a quicky post! Also my first outfit post, it's very casual because i'm every weekend by my parents, so i don't have all my clothes there! 
Blazer - from italy
Shirt - from my little sister, Pieces
Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes - from my mum (explains the highness ;) )
Necklace - an old old old H&M piece
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co

donderdag 19 april 2012

Sweet Diary no. 1

Today my day began with school and when i came home, the cat of my aunt
suddenly wanted to play with me. Usually she doesn't wants to play with me 
and walks away, but now she curled next to me and began to spin. How sweet!

In the evening i had a date with a friend of mine, we went shopping because 
it's thursdaynight! And that means here in the Netherlands that the stores are open untill 9 pm instead of 6 pm!

We went to the River Island, when suddenly there was a catwalk!
They were doing a fashion show from Elle! How surprising!
We didn't knew about this event, so we were pretty happy!

The models were almost all in black and white, but it was nice!
It was casual chic i thought. Like the person in front with the white pants and
white blazer. The dresses were all very chic, good for an event and good for a party!
By the way, doesn't the host look amazing?

After the show we went further shopping and then we saw a fair!
We call it here 'kermis' hihi. In the Netherlands we only have a few times a fair in the year.
But when we came there, we saw that they were building on it.. so we were a little bit disappointed..

At the end we went to the McDonald's, for some food! Haha. 

Oh by the way, i got some macarons from my friend :D
So all the credits goes to Linda! hihi. They're a delight!

Duda Bündchen, how gorgeous!

How gorgeous, cute, beautiful, sweet, innocent is the niece of Gisele Bündchen! She's 5(!!!) years old and now already a model and fashion designer! Here a few pictures of her.. What do you think of her?

look at those eyes, WAUW!

woensdag 18 april 2012

Diesel collection spring summer 2012

Like I said before, i'm really amazed of the collection of Diesel this spring/summer! Here are some pictures :)

oh btw, soon i will be uploading my outfit from my maxi skirt of the Mango. But it's such a terrible weather here in Amsterdam, rain, wind, rain, wind and nooooo sun. So i'm waiting for the weather to be better! 

dinsdag 17 april 2012

past days..

These 2/3 days I have been spending time with my boyfriend! So I didn't really had my laptop open.. First on sunday we had to work, we both work in the horeca and on sundays people are lazy so they go out to restaurants. After our work, we went to Amsterdam because i'm looking on my uncle's house. He's on vacation and he has 2 cats, so i'm sleeping there until he's back. That means I don't see my boyfriend everyday anymore :( but anyway, he didn't had to school on monday, so he wanted to come to Amsterdam to spend time with me :D (so sweet) After a long drive, we were like 2am(?) in Amsterdam and sadly I couldn't sleep. I slept like for 2 hours and I was sooo tired, so when my alarm went off, I couldn't go out of bed. So I skipped school for that day. I didn't really had class. So spend the whole day with my boyfriend and friends. Ate some Frozz and drunk some bubble tea, nomnomnom.

In the evening we went to a sports café(ugh) and ate for 9,95 euro unlimited spare ribs! I just ate like 5 pieces, and a friend of mine ate like 2 whole pieces of spare ribs!! You know how much pieces there is in 1 whole piece of spare rib? Like 10?!?! Woooow. After dinner, we went bowling. It was fun, some times a spare but not so much haha.

After bowling, the plan was that my boyfriend went home but he stayed another night! Yeeyy!! It's so lonely to be in a big house just on your own.. So i was very happy. Today he made a lovely dinner for me and friends and he just left. So it's getting quiet again in this house.. 

What have you been up to these past days/weekend?

By the way, monday i went to the Diesel store and i thought the collection was amaaazing. The shirts are perfect for festivals or on a hot day. So soon i will be going back to the Diesel store! (When i have more money in my wallet ;) )

zondag 15 april 2012

you'll never know

it's like 01:40 am, and i'm super tired but i have to tell what happened tonight. It really broke my heart. I had to work at my parents restaurant and there was a table of i think 18 persons? So they had their dinner and the old lady that also was sitting not that table was coming to the bar to pay the bill. She came to the bar with her son, and she paid with her card. After she paid, she gave me and my colleague a hand and when i looked at her, she started to cry. Red eyes, tears rolling over her cheeks.. I thought huh? what is happening? She said thank you and goodbye and walked away. I got goose bumps. Then the son came to us and said that they discovered cancer by her and she didn't had much time anymore. So this is why they're giving this dinner for her. The old lady is trying to enjoy each day as long as she can. I felt so bad for her, i'm thinking about it the whole night now and can't get it out of my head.. So i just wanted to tell this story to remind you all and myself that life isn't as long that you think it is..

zaterdag 14 april 2012

just a saterday

after a lovely lunch with my boyfriend, we went speed-shopping by the h&m (20 minutes) because he had to work at 2 pm. I scored a very nice shirt, it's like red/pink with golden accents! I noticed that i'm really into the red/pink kind of clothes this past weeks. Especially the color coral, i really love that color!

Rose gold it is!

Yeey i got it! Last wednesday i bought a bracelet on a site, it's chunky and.... rose gold! i looovee rose gold. Like the rose gold Michael Kors watch. So i'm very happy with the bracelet, i think it will be a perfect accessorize for the summer :)

donderdag 12 april 2012

'One for the money'

Yesterday i went to the cinema with a friend of mine, i had a lot of fun because it was a ladies night! That means that you can win prizes before the movie and you get a goodie bag! I looooveee goodies, well i love everything that's free ;) hihi. So i got like 3 magazines, a Grolsch bottle with a taste of lemon, coca cola light, popcorn and a few coupons. So i'm pretty happy :D I went to the movie 'One for the money' with Katherine Heigl, Jason O'mara and - oeh la la - Daniel Sunjata. The movie was nice and funny and some moments were pretty exciting. So when you're going to the cinema and you want a comedy, i would say go to this one ;)


woensdag 11 april 2012

totally in love

Soooo, i'm totally in love with the new collection of Mango! Their spring collection is so refreshing, but also the price is a bit lower then normal. A few years ago i thought it was too expensive, the clothes were too basic for such a high price so i never came back to the store. This year i randomly came into the Mango and i saw that the prices were lower then normal! I went looking in the store and i became in love with the price ánd the collection. Last week i bought a maxi skirt and i will show it to you soon(when the weather gets better)! :)

hellooo helloooo!

Wauw, i finally started my own blog. I already have tumblr but i thought it's time for something new! So i started my own blogspot :) I hope i can show here my thoughts and my favorite things on that moment, soooo enjoy i would say :)