donderdag 19 april 2012

Sweet Diary no. 1

Today my day began with school and when i came home, the cat of my aunt
suddenly wanted to play with me. Usually she doesn't wants to play with me 
and walks away, but now she curled next to me and began to spin. How sweet!

In the evening i had a date with a friend of mine, we went shopping because 
it's thursdaynight! And that means here in the Netherlands that the stores are open untill 9 pm instead of 6 pm!

We went to the River Island, when suddenly there was a catwalk!
They were doing a fashion show from Elle! How surprising!
We didn't knew about this event, so we were pretty happy!

The models were almost all in black and white, but it was nice!
It was casual chic i thought. Like the person in front with the white pants and
white blazer. The dresses were all very chic, good for an event and good for a party!
By the way, doesn't the host look amazing?

After the show we went further shopping and then we saw a fair!
We call it here 'kermis' hihi. In the Netherlands we only have a few times a fair in the year.
But when we came there, we saw that they were building on it.. so we were a little bit disappointed..

At the end we went to the McDonald's, for some food! Haha. 

Oh by the way, i got some macarons from my friend :D
So all the credits goes to Linda! hihi. They're a delight!

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