zondag 15 april 2012

you'll never know

it's like 01:40 am, and i'm super tired but i have to tell what happened tonight. It really broke my heart. I had to work at my parents restaurant and there was a table of i think 18 persons? So they had their dinner and the old lady that also was sitting not that table was coming to the bar to pay the bill. She came to the bar with her son, and she paid with her card. After she paid, she gave me and my colleague a hand and when i looked at her, she started to cry. Red eyes, tears rolling over her cheeks.. I thought huh? what is happening? She said thank you and goodbye and walked away. I got goose bumps. Then the son came to us and said that they discovered cancer by her and she didn't had much time anymore. So this is why they're giving this dinner for her. The old lady is trying to enjoy each day as long as she can. I felt so bad for her, i'm thinking about it the whole night now and can't get it out of my head.. So i just wanted to tell this story to remind you all and myself that life isn't as long that you think it is..

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