dinsdag 17 april 2012

past days..

These 2/3 days I have been spending time with my boyfriend! So I didn't really had my laptop open.. First on sunday we had to work, we both work in the horeca and on sundays people are lazy so they go out to restaurants. After our work, we went to Amsterdam because i'm looking on my uncle's house. He's on vacation and he has 2 cats, so i'm sleeping there until he's back. That means I don't see my boyfriend everyday anymore :( but anyway, he didn't had to school on monday, so he wanted to come to Amsterdam to spend time with me :D (so sweet) After a long drive, we were like 2am(?) in Amsterdam and sadly I couldn't sleep. I slept like for 2 hours and I was sooo tired, so when my alarm went off, I couldn't go out of bed. So I skipped school for that day. I didn't really had class. So spend the whole day with my boyfriend and friends. Ate some Frozz and drunk some bubble tea, nomnomnom.

In the evening we went to a sports café(ugh) and ate for 9,95 euro unlimited spare ribs! I just ate like 5 pieces, and a friend of mine ate like 2 whole pieces of spare ribs!! You know how much pieces there is in 1 whole piece of spare rib? Like 10?!?! Woooow. After dinner, we went bowling. It was fun, some times a spare but not so much haha.

After bowling, the plan was that my boyfriend went home but he stayed another night! Yeeyy!! It's so lonely to be in a big house just on your own.. So i was very happy. Today he made a lovely dinner for me and friends and he just left. So it's getting quiet again in this house.. 

What have you been up to these past days/weekend?

By the way, monday i went to the Diesel store and i thought the collection was amaaazing. The shirts are perfect for festivals or on a hot day. So soon i will be going back to the Diesel store! (When i have more money in my wallet ;) )

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