zaterdag 13 oktober 2012


Heee everybody,

I'm now sitting home at a saterdaynight with glass of Baileys (yumm!)
I'm veryyy tired because I had to work all day and it was very hectic at work.

But enough about me talking about work!

Yesterday was my sweetest boyfriend's birthday!
He was thinking about giving a party but he couldn't decide..
Soooo, i decided for him! I gave a surpriseparty for him!

I organised everything from the food till the drinks,
i made an event on Facebook where only the invitees could see when and how late,

So i was very excited because i really can't lie to him!
I told him that my grandmother is giving a party
and that we're going there!

So friday he first had to work and after his work he picked me up,
during the ride I told him we had to stop by my parents restaurant
to pick up some wine my mother had forgot.
We stopped at my parents restaurant and I told him that he got to 
get the wine. The restaurant was dark and everybody was hiding,
when we entered the restaurant, my mother lighted the candles on the cake
and all our friends began to sing "Happy Birthday to you"!

My bf didn't how to react, it was so sweet :) 

shirt - h&m
skirt - new look
necklace - h&m

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