zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Just a few of my jewelry

Hi there!

Every weekend I come home to my parents, and I always have a small suitcase with me. With
clothes, shoes, my camera, make-up and other stuff. 
But i also have a little bag of jewelry with me, I just put some jewelry in it for the case
I suddenly have a party or anything. Because I think jewelry can make a lot of difference with just
a simple outfit. 
I always put things in my little bag and never take something out! 
So I thought let's make a article about the jewelry I have now with me.
The rest of my jewelry I have home in other boxes and bags, maybe
I can show it another time.

Here are some pictures of my things that I took out of my little bag!

The silver GC watch was for my 18th birthday from my parents and the
rose gold I just got it for my 20th birthday! Oh my, i'm getting old..
You can also see a DIY-bracelet with yarn, I made it with a girlfriend!

These bracelets were today on my wrist! The one with the links
is the newest one! I bought it from a sale @ Bijenkorf Amsterdam.
The love bracelet is my precious for so far.. I'm thinking about buying a
silver one too.. Still thinking..
And the one with the pearl diamond were a gift from my 
lovely girlfriends for my 20th birthday! Love you guys!


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